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Sunday, January 20, 2013


As part of The Song Continues, the venerable Dalton Baldwin offered a master class of inestimable value.  There is no one alive today that we know of who has as much to offer in the art of French chanson.  He was able to divide his attention equally among four superb singers and four equally talented collaborative pianists.  No one failed to profit by his suggestions and gentle guidance.  His unassuming and humble manner made the medicine go down very easily.

Participating singers were sopranos Pureum Jo, Emily Siar and Meghan Lindsay, mezzo-soprano Samantha Malk and tenor Brenton Ryan.  Participating collaborative pianists were Ronny Michael Greenberg, Dylan Perez , Saule Tlenchiyeva and Peter Walsh.

It's the little refinements that change a very good performance into a great one.  Even inexperienced members of the audience could not fail to hear the difference made by Mr. Baldwin's tutelage.  What a privilege to learn so much by observation!

(c) meche kroop

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