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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Lilla Heinrich-Szász
Lachlan Glen

The beautiful soprano Lilla Heinrich-Szász managed to create on short notice a beautiful recital with the collaborative pianist Lachan Glen, who always makes a major contribution with his nuanced playing.  The entire recital was delightful but what swept us away was her closing number--"Heia in dem Bergen" from Imre Kálmán's Die Csardasfürstin.  This highly spirited aria was given its full measure by this gracious performer who put her entire heart and soul into it, not to mention her whirly-swirly hand-clapping dance, after which she graciously thanked her voice teacher Marlena Malas, her mentor and her piano partner.  We have seen her perform this aria before and hope she will use it to conclude every future performance.  It is unique to her.

With a bright crystalline sound and melismatic skill, she performed several selections from the baroque repertory--"With plaintive notes" from Handel's Samson and two selections from Les fêtes d'Hébé by Rameau.  We especially admired the mood shifts in "Fuis, fuis, porte ailleurs tes fureurs".

The Grieg songs were well handled with "Lauf der Welt" being particularly charming.  Marie's "Salut à la France!" from Donizetti's  La Fille du Regiment was completely enchanting.  José Serrano's "Marinela" from La Canción del Olvido was so lovely that we wish to learn it ourselves.  (Hooray for the recent interest in Spanish canciónes!)   In Verdi's "Arrigo! Ah, parli a un core" from I Vespri Siciliani we were impressed by the fine trill and the roller coaster-like descending scale.
There is a unique pleasure in witnessing a young singer's completion of her work at Juilliard, having enjoyed observing their growth.  But there is also a feeling of sadness to see them spread their wings and leave the Juilliard nest.  We want to thank Ms. Heinrich-Szász for so many fine recitals and wish her luck as she takes her Master of Music Degree into the wider world.

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